About Me

Words can change the world. For me, they’ve shaped my life.

My childhood was spent hidden behind a book. As a teenager, I filled spiral notebooks with poetry. In college everything came together in journalism school.

The past 20 years have taken me into classrooms, newsrooms and boardrooms. Along the way, I’ve developed these guiding principles that explain who I am and how I work.

People Matter

The most rewarding points in my career have come from being part of a team that accomplished something amazing together. I consider my greatest professional achievement to be the relationships I’ve built. My guarantee to my clients is that I will listen to their needs, respond in a timely manner, and treat each person within their organization with respect. You can count on me to be an effective, positive, contributing member of your team.

Know Your Audience

I’ve built a career on creating content about subjects I initially knew nothing about. The key is my ability to see anyone’s point of view.

My first job was basically as “Jill-of-all-trades.” One week I’d be writing about a university professor’s mathematical theory, the next I was producing content for a student recruitment DVD or an alumni magazine.

I began working for a B2B magazine covering wireless technology before I had ever used a cell phone.

Translating veterinary research reports into something the average animal lover could understand was my biggest challenge. Yet, I learned how to do it and built a brand in the process.

Tell me what you do and I can tell you how to share it with your audience.

Knowledge Is Power

My job is to deliver content that works for you. To do so requires information and that means not being afraid to ask questions. If I don’t understand something, I won’t pretend that I do.

Having interviewed hundreds of people over the years, I ask questions that get to the point and get me up to speed quickly.

Every Deadline Counts

I’ve managed hundreds of communications projects, and all of them relied on others to meet deadlines. I’ve learned when someone needs a gentle nudge and when a firm task master is required to keep a project on schedule.

Words Can Make a Difference

At the heart of who I am is my desire to make a difference in the world, and I truly believe that what you say and how you say it can change everything.

Ask me how I can transform your ideas into words that make a difference.